Tool Management and Control

“Where is the tool, I left it to my partner, I have to stop my manufacture….. Do you hear these comments in your company? If so you need a DEPOSYTA.”


“When we approach a milling application our purpose is to prioritize stability, quality, chip volume and contact time.”


“Optimal selection of the cutting tool for every operation, machine and material is critical to success.”


“How many holes do you machine in a year? How much time do you spend on each one, these are some of the most frequently asked questions we ask when we’re drilling. The waste of time is usually greater than we wish to have.”


“Threads are a field of application to which we give great importance, probably, one of the most unknown applications in machining. Did we make it better?”

Reaming / Boring

“Quality standards are becoming more demanding, tighter tolerances, lower roughness….our challenge? Satisfy them”

Fixing and Mooring

“One of the factors that influence the cost of manufacture is the machine stop, the optimization of downtimes have a direct impact on production efficiency. Fortunately, there are solutions to this.”