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The productive machine

Discover our services of:


“Enter and discover the application areas of our machining equipment. Find below the applications and collaborations that we develop in the area of production with machining.”

Discover our services of:


“In the 25 years of our journey, our mission has been, and continues to be, to offer a specialized vision for all the fields that we develop. Discover different solutions for increased productivity in areas such as hydraulic automation, pneumatics, industrial screwing, torque traceability, etc. “


The pace with which business decisions are made today, requires an adaptability, a quick response and an increased added value contribution that exceeds the technical capacity of each product. Nowadays the quality of the product allows each customer to respond with confidence to the level of demand. However, to be able to exceed the expectations of the customer, you need to see them clearly from the customer service point of view. At JATUR-IRAHER we believe that the service we offer is one of the pillars of our added value to the market, in addition to the quality and reliability of our products.



The machining and cutting tool industry is evolving at the same rhythm as other industrial sectors, with a strong technological adaptation and a greater emphasis on customer service to meet the needs of each situation. At JATUR-IRAHER we understand the importance of having the right collaborative technological partners, who are able to adapt each technical solution to every need and at the same time, facilitate our response to each client. Only in this way is it possible to face the new challenges of the future.


The value of our company is based on the knowledge and attitude of the people who make up our professional team. It is not enough to master the technology but also to recognize the needs of the customer and of each market and to apply the best technical knowledge to each situation. This is why at JATUR-IRAHER we put emphasis on customer service, customer relationships and above all, on integrated work capacity, which is always for the customers’ benefit.

“The Energy of a Specialist Team”


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